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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Christian vs. Shoe Salesman

What a GREAT revival we had at Ridglea Baptist in Moss Point, MS! The music was great, the preaching was great, the fellowship was great, all because the presence of the Holy Spirit was great. We left this revival charged up and ready for the rest of the revival season.

During the revival, Bro. Greg Johnston shared this story with us . . .

A shoe salesman was sent to Africa, but after a week, he called his company and said, "Bring me home, they don't wear shoes here." The shoe company brought him home, and sent a second salesman. After a week, he called the company and said, "Send me all the shoes you've got, there are prospects everywhere!"

If we have a burden for the lost to be saved, we will find that there are prospects everywhere!

Next On Our Calendar: Thur. evening (3/29/07), Tammie will be speaking to the women of Derby Baptist, Poplarville, MS, about the Girlfriends In Christ ministry and the importance of prayer. Sunday (4/1/07), Benjy will be preaching at Oak Hill Baptist in Poplarville, MS, and he'll be leading the revival music Mon. through Wed. evening at Central Baptist in McNeil, MS. Come join us if you can!


On March 30, 2007, Blogger Drewe Llyn said...

How did your meeting go last night? Is Bro. Johnston the pastor at FBC Batesville? His wife's sister and family are active members at our church. Great people! Tell all the folks at Central we said hello.
Have a great day!


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